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Global Business Alliance (Globial) helps a business grow and go global. Through an extensive international network of professionals, trade groups and enterprises, Globial is able to provide trustworthy business partners and services across diverse sectors. Globial aims to connect by looking at ways to advance and explore bilateral and multilateral commerce, forge enduring alliances for new markets, and build on current business by exchanging business knowledge and prospects advantageous to our members. 

Provide support to members through individual representatives of Globial in each and every country and city of the world.

Act as a liaison globally between organizations and businesses to further develop the global economy, creating synergy and assisting companies to reach global markets.

Facilitate exchange of experience and assist member companies going global.

Assist companies to reach the world by developing their competence and increasing preparedness through market information using advanced technologies like block chain and data analytics.





To keep expanding and have a representation in every city of the world.

To keep educating and upgrading ourselves and our members, to have state-of-the-art technologies and best of the class services for members.

To have specialists with knowledge about every type of business to provide the best services to our members.

Receive international recognition for developing multilateral international relations and business opportunities between companies globally.

Enhance the global reach of businesses through the knowledge and professionalism of representatives of Globial around the world.

Develop equal economic opportunity for all its members in their respective fields of businesses by sharing experience, information, and services.

Help businesses of all sizes to overcome challenges and share opportunities of globalization.



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